is the online platform of Sabaté for the sale of printed Home Decor products. Sabaté has been dedicated for more than 75 years to large scale production and digital printing for retail companies and interior decorators.
In we sell vinyl carpets, vinyl, pictures and other digitally printed products for home decoration. We have been designing and manufacturing in Barcelona since 1940, with technology from HP Latex Technologies.
This second line of business, increasingly demanded by interior designers and individuals, has evolved in recent years to become a real alternative to create personalized environments, either through vertical decoration, printed furniture or wall covering.
At Sabaté we have always bet on excellence both in the quality of our products and when it comes to finding the right solution for the needs of our customers. This fact, added to our constant investment in technology, has allowed us to excel as a leading brand in the sector.
With we aim to bring to the general public the quality and professional finishes that characterize us and thus be able to offer a personalized product with all the guarantees and quality assured.